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The Grandest of the Grands

May 4, 2011

  My roommates are coming home tomorrow after being gone for 2 months.  I should probably be tidying up around here but it’s more fun procrastinating for a couple of hours looking up interesting grand pianos.  How much of a dork does that make me?

Chichi, the rocking piano.  A few more details here.

Before Elton John came Liberace, the original King of Bling.  This bedazzled Baldwin was his baby.

I’ve been in the presence of this Steinway & Sons beauty a few times.  Hand painted by Haida artist, Jay Simeon, inside and out, it looks as good as it sounds.  More pics here.

A bold design by architect Daniel Libeskind for the Royal Ontario Museum.  A bit more here.

A Schimmel collaboration with artist and sculptor, Otmar Alt.

The Fazioli “M. Liminal‘s” inspired design.

The Bösendorfer “Edge”.  More here.

The Bösendorfer “Brüssel“, created by architect Jürgen Felsenstein for the 1958 World’s Fair.

And finally, there’s this little rainbow, guaranteed to give you a migraine if not brighten your listening experience.

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