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And the Grammy goes to…

December 2, 2010

For any music lover anywhere, yesterday was an anticipated day – 2011 GRAMMY NOMINATIONS were announced (tra la la!)!!  I am such a big sucker for this stuff.  The performances, the speeches, the sparkly dresses… I become as starstruck as a teenage girl front row at a Justin Bieber concert.

BUT, (you knew there was a “but” coming, didn’t you?), here’s the sad thing in the middle of it all for me:  if you go to the Grammy nominees page, check out how far down you have to scroll to get to the classical nominations.  Keep scrolling.  More.  Moooore…  The action finally kicks in at #95….. out of 109 categories!

Like, really?!??  It’s revealing how little people in N.America give a hoot about classical music when it’s relegated to the end of the list like the weird outcast kid who’s always the last to be picked for the baseball team.  Talk about pushing the entire genre to the margins of musical society!  Seriously, who does classical music have to sleep with to climb the social ladder?

Musical dismissal aside, I’ll still be tuning in Feb.13 to catch the event.  Not that we’ll be hearing about anything classical, but out of the nominations we will be hearing about I’ve got my fingers crossed for a few of them.

Here’s the story behind one of the Classical nominations I’m glad to see on the list for several awards:

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