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Variations on a “Hallelujah”

November 25, 2010

A friend sent me this several days ago, but being off the grid as I have been, I only got it now. 

And I throw this oldie in there too, just cause it makes me laugh everytime.

Am just realizing that Christmas is one month away today!! (IwillnotpanicIwillnotpanicIwillnotpanic!) I probably couldn’t get any further from that seasonal frame of mind unless I were lying on a sandy beach in the tropics.  Maybe this will help bridge the chasm??:


Update, Dec.12/10:

Adding this recently-received YouTube to the above slew of “Hallelujahs”.
I haphazard my goosebumps would have been slurring and stumbling from all their wild partying at hearing this live  🙂


Update, Dec.28/10:

Another one that came to me late in the season.  It’s similar to the Monks, but the community effort and creative glimpse into life in a northern town makes this Gr.5 school project an endearing one.
It also makes me super thankful for the warmer climes I live in…!!

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