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We Have Lift Off

September 26, 2010

  This will forever be one of my favorite sounds in the world.

In case my last few posts haven’t given you enough of a clear idea, I’m really glad this symphony season has finally started.  At least now I feel I have a legit reason for the happy buzz swimming around inside me (*ahem*, no, not referring to anything illegal…).  

Won’t give the run down about last night’s program – it’s almost too much of a “had to be there” thing – but one detail that really jumped out at me again was the dedicated concert-going community that surrounds my symphony orchestra.  It’s interesting how, even with a few thousand people milling around there are faces you come to recognize from years of spending Saturday evenings together.  Like H&C who have sat in the 2nd last row of the upper balcony since they got married in the early 70’s; or Mr. A with his walker who sometimes conducts along when the music really gets to him; or Fedora-boy, the university music student who does alright with the girls judging by the steady rotation of pretty dates who accompany him every week; or the woman who, even at her mature age, embodies creativity and gives me shoe-envy…  There’s nothing really that links us except this crazy love for classical music.  And that, in its own way, feels a bit like coming home.

So, cheers to a magical music season, whatever city you live in, full of vibrant sonic landscapes for your ears to romp around in, and at least one concert that blows your mind and turns your knees to jello.

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