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Concert Halls I Like – Part 3

September 17, 2010

 It seems I laughed at the insanity of the last week too hard too soon.  Cause it’s laughing back now.  With maniacal intensity (as my little sniffling rubbed-raw nose and heated forehead would confirm).  Yet, martyr that I am, I trooper through the slog, refusing to acknowledge that I feel like crap and should probably be asleep.  But why sleep when you can post?! 

Khedivial Opera House, Cairo, Egypt  (*burned down 1971)
(Architects: Pietro Avoscani, Mario Rossi, 1869)

Abu Dhabi Performing Arts Centre, Abu Dhabi, UAE
(Architect: Zaha Hadid, projected opening 2012)

Wiener Konzerthaus, Vienna, Austria
(Architect: Büro Fellner & Helmer,  1913)

Royal Albert Hall, London, England
(Architects: Capt. Francis Fowke and Maj. Gen. Henry Y.D. Scott of the Royal Engineers, 1871)

Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, Miami, USA
(Architect: Cesar Pelli, 2006)

Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City, Mexico
(Architect: Adamo Boari, 1934)

Music Center at Strathmore, North Bethesda, MD, USA
(Architects:  William Rawn Associates Architects Inc., Grimm & Parker Architects, 2005)

Sala São Paulo/Julio Prestes Station, São Paulo, Brazil
(Architect of JP Station: Christiano Stockler das Neves, 1938; refurbished as concert hall by Artec, 1999)

Three mugs of peppermint tea and one bowl of chicken noodle soup later I find myself in a kind of water-logged euphoria that at this point has deluded (diluted??) me into thinking that I’m feeling just fiiiiine…..

This will be the last concert hall installment.  There are still so many halls to check out, but after this weekend I’ll be more in the frame of mind for listening again.  But in the meantime, I’m SO sleeping in tomorrow.

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