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Call of the Wild

August 13, 2010

  It’s decided then: I’m grabbing my boots and backpack for a last-minute weekend getaway high in the alpine meadows near where I call home.  The magnetic pull of pristine wilderness is proving too impossible to resist, especially given that it’s going to be gorgeous weather, the wildflowers are in full bloom, the Perseid meteor shower is on, and I have nowhere I’m required to be.  How can I pass on such seduction?  

I’m hitting a trail I try to get in every year –  to remember what soaring, unfettered freedom feels like, and to hear anew what wind sweeping over mountain peaks and spacious silence and my heart’s rhythmic dance sound like.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point I might feel the need to lay down and stare up into the endless blue, just to feel the sun basking my face and to listen to this piece by Ralph Vaughan Williams.  Nigel Kennedy’s version is perfection:    

We’ll see if I choose to come back.

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