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The Art of Being Three Twoderful

August 11, 2010

It’s well into the days of summer fun, but last week I finally got around to tackling my annual spring cleaning purge (so much for my New Year’s resolution not to procrastinate) – that chance for me to re-evaluate all the stuff I’ve hoarded over the past year or two or lifetime that I can, truth be told, do quite well living without.  Anyway, now that I’m feeling several emotional attachments lighter…

One thing I found in the dregs of my storage is an old VHS of Victor Borge that my mom sent me way back when.  I didn’t watch the tape, but just thinking about him gets my grin on.   When you get a chance, google “inflationary language”, or “phonetic punctuation”, or “the page turner” and see what videos pop up.  Trust me, no matter how often you watch them they will never ever ever get stale.

For that reason, choosing what Victor Borge clip to post is like having to choose between beige, ecru, eggshell, and off-white…  Too hard.  I went with this video because it shows how unflappably James Bond smooth the guy was (minus the Vodka Martini).

Just try keeping a straight face.

They sure don’t make ’em like that anymore…

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