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World-renowned Very Good Sport

June 7, 2010

  In my wanderings this past weekend, I stumbled across this charming YouTube featuring Maestro Seiji Ozawa doing a 1988 guest spot on Sesame Street’s “Pretty Great Performances” (a parody on “Great Performances”, a performing arts television series that has been airing on PBS since the early ’70’s… just in case you didn’t know.)

I won’t go into all he’s done in his career, but it should be noted that anyone with Maestro Ozawa’s lengthy list of accomplishments might consider it their reasonable right to roll their eyes at the thought of appearing on a kid’s TV show.  But no, not Seiji Ozawa.  Three hurrahs for proving to all what a “world-renowned very good sport” he really is.  

With an extension added to the original 6 month leave he took to focus on receiving treatment for esophageal cancer, we wish Maestro Ozawa all the best, and trust he’ll be back in the podium soon.

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